Golf industry takes swing at fashion [Shop]13.05.2013 10:28:48
´╗┐Golf industry takes swing at fashion ORLANDO, Fla. The PGA merchandise trade show used to be about the biggest companies touting their latest clubs to a die-hard, golf-obsessed audience. Today, with the industry struggling to find the green, exhibitors have started veering away from selling the sport of golf and have started pitching its image that of an upscale, laid-back lifestyle. Mingling among the irons, woods and drivers at the show this weekend are massage beds, barbecue sets and crystal dinnerware from vendors who could just as easily have a presence in a day spa, shopping mall or weekend resort. Near a fashion runway, far from the driving range, was a Burberry booth with its trademark-plaid golf cart, a Liz Claiborne store with its latest Lizgolf apparel and a Tommy Hilfiger shop showing off the brand preppy side. "They weren here before," said Jeff Letourneau, the vice president of La Jolla Golf, which has been at the show since 1994. "Golf has started to cross over into mainstream fashion." The Professional Golfers Association show, which ends tomorrow, is an industry-only gathering at which 1,200 exhibitors unveil their latest clubs, clothing, equipment and services. It attracts everyone from major equipment companies to smaller apparel firms to tiny trinket makers. About 40 San Diego County companies are attending this year, including Callaway Golf, the world largest club maker; Ashworth Inc., an apparel company; and Aldila Inc., which makes club shafts. While many companies, including Carlsbad TaylorMade Golf and Titleist, snubbed the show, the event remains a sort of debutante ball for smaller startups looking to establish a presence in the industry. Among the newer companies are Carlsbad-based Radioactive Golf, a first-time attendee launching its skater-inspired golf shoes, which cost between $65 to $75. "We know the industry is depressed right now," said founder Rick Hennessy, "but we not going after that (core golfer) market." Neither is Chino-based American Custom Golf Cars, which makes golf carts modeled after the Hummer and Ford Roadster. The carts, which can reach 25 miles an hour and cost upward of $8,500 come with amenities including CD players, DVD players and custom paint jobs. "Ellen Degeneres rode that car onstage in her show last week," said company president Ray Hoogenraad, pointing to the white Roadster, "and Lil Romeo, the rapper, used that car in his music video." But what does this have to do with golf? And how many golfers watch DVDs between shots? "Hmmm," Hoogenraad mused, "well, I guess we about 50/50 in golfers versus enclosed neighborhood use." Perched amid the limo version of the Roadster and the two-seater Hummer was a giant golf ball atop a tee. "It a barbecue grill," J. Richard Ethridge of Lake Forest-based Backyard Barbeques said of the $599 item. "Golfers are strange birds. They tend to be fanatical and want everything golf-related. This is tailored to that kind of person. . It for the golfer who has everything." With a dearth of innovation, an unusually wet season and a flat-line in the number of rounds played, it seems that the industry is looking for something anything more. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the women department. From leather purses to rhinestone shorts, golf is chipping its way into the ladies fashion league. Women, along with minorities and juniors, are the fastest growing segments in the otherwise stagnant industry, according to Betsy Clark, vice president of the Ladies Professional Golf Association. Carlsbad-based Carbite launched its first-ever ladies putter at the PGA show. "There a demand. The industry has started marketing to ladies," president William Zebedee said, sitting in front of the pink and green putter. "We still trying to think about colors. . What do you think about wasabi green? . My wife likes cosmopolitan pink."

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